5 Latest SEO Tips to Keep your Site on Top of the Search Engine Result Pages in 2020

5 Latest SEO Tips to Keep your Site on Top of the Search Engine Result Pages in 2020

In today’s modern world with cut-throat competition, you can never predict when SEO techniques could change. Hacks that were once a proven formula in the year 2019 or 2018 might be obsolete now, and they even dare to hurt the ranking of your website. This is mostly hurting in the case where you get a google penalty. The penalty is even tough to shift.

This is the reason that you need to stay on your toes when it comes to SEO. If you will not stay ahead, you will see that your competitors will surpass you in terms of SERPs. But before you dive into the race of improving the ranking of your website, you must use various tools to check the current ranking of your website. This can be assessed based on the keyword search analysis.

Without any doubt, the goal of any SEO expert is to land the website on the top of the list of google pages. A higher ranking website attracts more organic traffic to its website. It also means that the customer conversion rate will be higher. As a result, this will boost the ROI of the SEO strategy of your website. Getting on the top of the organic search list seems like a dream, right? But if you are experiencing a bit of disappointment after a keyword analysis that you just completed, refrain from entering a panic situation.

5 Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to your Website

  1. Give an alluring experience to your customers once they visit your website– It is Google’s job to answer a user query very the most high-quality and relevant result. Google just aims to greet customers in the best possible manner with the best results.
    You just need to focus on this strategy. This is because your website is not high-quality, you will not be able to rank your target keywords effectively. Nobody would like to visit a bouncy website that is taking a lot of effort to get loaded, right?
    Google has reasoned that it is rewarding the websites with higher page ranking who are having low bounce rates to enhance the customer experience.
  2. Start focusing on the topic clusters now- Google is changing its algorithm. It is looking forward to following an approach that can understand customer intention in a better manner: their expectations, their needs, and answers that solve their query.

    Don’t just expect to land up first on Google with keyword search alone. You need to refer to user intent, know your target audience, organize your content strategy in clusters, and research your target keywords using keyword explorers.
  3. Usually- longer content yields a higher ranking- best for your SEO- A recent research has proven that the longer the content, the more chances you have to land on the top of the SERPs. 

    But writing a 3000+ long blog post is not meant for everyone. This is because it is a very lengthy and time-consuming process involving a lot of effort. However, most of the SEO experts might argue that there are people who are not so happy with the ides of reading a 2000+ blog post. Well, for these people only a few words or few paragraphs would be sufficient. Creating a lengthy blog for such users would be a total waste of time and energy.

    Unfortunately, you will not be able to determine what should be an ideal length for your blog. This can be answered only with the help of your common sense as there is no hard and fast rule. You just need to think that what keyword someone would be searching for and then you can begin your content from there.

    Tip- You can always pick up your 1200 words blog post and make it 2000-3000 words long content instead of just starting from 0 words.
  4. Conquer the video world with the help of YouTube SEO- YouTube videos rank in the list of top 10 searches of Google, without any doubt. YouTube has surpassed Yahoo, AOL, and even Bing combined. It is the second most popular search engine. 

    Do not forget the importance of YouTube videos in your search engine optimization strategy.

    Also, like longer content, longer YouTube videos have a lot of importance. Longer YouTube videos should be a significant part of your SEO strategy. So, start making the most compelling videos for your business today. Remember your videos should be SEO friendly.

    Tip- You can use your target and popular keyword as a title for your video.
  5. Target local searchers with page listings and landing- Approximately (56%) of all the searches done on Google come from people searching for local and common information. Some of this includes:
    – Local nearby shops
    – Local addresses
    – Local telephone numbers

    So, if you are aiming at a profitable business and you have a brick-and-motor business, you can never ignore the benefits of local SEO.
  6. Optimize your business for local searches and use technical SEO for that. One of the most powerful tools that you can use for optimizing your local searches is the schema markup tool. This is the least used tool. Schema is a short snippet of data that gives additional useful information to the search engines, as well as, search users. The best part is that schema markup does not require that extra effort and can be inserted with the help of schema.org.


Lastly, you must know how to assess and report the performance of your complete SEO strategy. You should know which SEO technique of yours appealed the most to the customer, which page did not create any interest in the minds of customers, which keyword strategy works best for your website, which keywords should you focus on. 
It is extremely cumbersome and tricky to completely understand all these intricacies and details without regular updates, monitoring, and reporting of the results of your website.

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