Privacy Policy

Spark Plug is committed to protecting the privacy of its clients. We have made our website,
our services, and our Terms & Conditions extremely transparent.
This document is the Spark Plug Privacy Policy where we outline our views about what
entails client-company confidentiality and privacy, and we explain the practices we have
adopted to make transactions and interactions between our company and the clients safer and
more secure. This privacy policy is governed by [please insert relevant privacy law followed
by Spark Plug].
Please note that any additional information about the terms and conditions of data collection,
analysis, usage, and disbursement, if any, may be provided to you prior to your placing an
order with us. We request you to go through any such information and notices before placing
your order.

What type of information does our privacy policy contain?

The Spark Plug Privacy Policy is your definitive guide to how the data and information you
provide us is used by our digital marketing specialists and technology. Here we give you
detailed information about:
● What type of data is used by us?
● Where the data is collected?
● What tools are used to analyze, share, utilize the data?
● How the data is finally used by Spark Plug?
● What privacy and confidentiality terms apply to all transactions that take place
between Spark Plug and the client?

Data collection policy

Spark Plug uses both generic and business-specific data to provide you with the most
personalized solutions. We use data collection forms to collect demographic information
about you, such as the IP address, company name, email address, contact number,
geographical location of the business, and other personal identifiers which help us customize
our offerings to suite your needs. We also collect other information which pertains to the
client’s industries served, products & services specialized in, current aggregate sales, current
profit margin, the current rate of ROI, long & short-term goals during the campaign initiation
This personally identifiable data is afforded the highest level of security and privacy and is
not made available to any employee of Spark Plug (unless authorized by the client), other
clients, other institutions and commercial businesses and any other bodies/persons who may
have interest in this knowledge. Any and all the information collected is only utilized after
seeking requisite permission from the client in question.
This data is collected through data collection sign-up forms, order placement forms, and
cookies we use on the website. After the passing of the General Data Protection Regulation
(GDPR), we have set up a very transparent cookie policy which keeps clients and users of our
website aware about the type of data we procure from your systems.
We also collect data that is not personally identifiable, such as enquires for Spark Plug
services made by clients. All the data we collect is collected only by Spark Plug data
collection tools, and no Third-Party or Visitor is granted permission to collect, analyze, share
or use this data. All of the data we collect is stored in extremely secure servers protected by
strong security measures. No Third-Party or Visitor is granted entry into these servers.

Client password protection policy

While Spark Plug ensures that state-of-the-art privacy and data security practices are
implemented at our end, at no time can we guarantee that any passwords voluntarily or
involuntarily disclosed by the client during account set-up will remain safe and secure. The
protection of all passwords and security keys is under the sole responsibility of the client, and
no claims can be made upon anyone at Spark Plug.

Third Party data sharing policy

Some of the services we provide here at Spark Plug may require us to utilize the services of
an Authorized Third Party service provider or operator. In such situations, Spark Plug will
only share very generic details with the Third Party and will not disclose any personal
identifiers which can be used by other bodies/persons in a negative manner. All information
such as IP address, company name, address, email ID, contact number, company financials,
goals and other personally identifiable information will be encrypted and protected within
Spark Plug servers, accessible only to a handful of people who are authorized by the client to
use the data.
The account set-up form and order placement forms we utilize on our website have with them
a Terms & Conditions document which states explicitly whether your non-personally
identifiable information will be shared with Third-Party service providers or not, the extent of
data sharing, and other relevant details. We request clients to take a look at these T&C
documents carefully before placing your order. Spark Plug may or may not inform the client
about data sharing with Third Parties, depending on the nature of the T&C document

Data utilization policy

The information Spark Plug collects are used only to manage commercial/business
transactions between the client and the company. Any information that we collect and
analyze is used to improve the quality of services Spark Plug offers its clients.
This data and information may also be used to address any queries posed by the client on the
website, manage subscriptions to service packages, implement transaction requests and
perform other functions which help the company discharge its duty towards the client.
Based on the respective regional laws, business laws, market laws, and country laws in place,
Spark Plug will also utilize data to meet mandatory compliance regulations and meet the
requisite laws. Please note that while Spark Plug restricts access to data by all non-parties to
the client-company contract, any client-related data requested by law enforcement authorities
or the Court of Law will be released in good faith as and when necessary.

Data technology policy

Spark Plug uses state-of-the-art technology to track, monitor, collate, analyze, share, and use
the data that clients provide us. The Cookies and other technologies we implement may
collect personally-identifiable and non-identifiable data such as URL, domain name, IP
address, browser history, clickstream patterns, date & time and any other data as required and
will analyze it to understand client needs and provide the right & timely solutions. Please
note that Spark Plug does not link the information stored in cookies to any information or
form clients submit on the website.

Children’s privacy policy

The Spark Plug website is not intended to be used by children or any individual who is not
legally the age of 18 or above. We have a very stringent Children’s Policy in place and we do
not solicit, collect or store information from children. The responsibility of ensuring no child
uses the Spark Plug website or account solely lies with the client and no claims can be made
upon the company.

Changes to privacy policy

Spark Plug updates its privacy policy based on industrial and legal requirements. All clients
will be notified of any changes or updates in the policy immediately upon the change.

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