How Influencer Marketing is Becoming Essential for Startups

How Influencer Marketing is Becoming Essential for Startups?

Think about the last product that you purchased. Did you hear it from someone? Did you Google it or heard about it through the official website of the product? Or did you just ask a friend or relative about it?

It is believed that it must be recommended to you by someone at some point. That someone could be your friend, your relative, a credible expert, a social media influencer or even a brand that you trust.

To drive sales, brands can always take advantage of different marketing opportunities that come across. However, as far as digital marketing is concerned, every start-up looks forward to exploring this platform. When it comes to digital marketing opportunities, brands should not overlook the advantages of social media. Regardless of the industry that you operate in, social media has successfully created innumerable marketing opportunities that startups would not have otherwise. 

Below are listed a few reasons why social media influencer marketing has become essential for the startups to kick start their brand:

  1. Influencer marketing creates credibility for new startups:
    If you are looking forward to attracting new customers and investors to your new business, then your branding strategy must include creating strong credibility. By investing your time, effort, and energy into social media, you can build trust and credibility in your brand name. 

    For instance, more than 70% of startups plan to explore social media platforms for their branding strategies. Whenever investors, customers, and influencers approach you, they always have a look at your social media accounts first. It creates a first impression on them. Prospective customers and investors care about your social media footprints and how well your business is doing.

    They are interested to know how often you post and how often you adopt a digital marketing strategy to increase your business. This is because if you create a social media campaign and later on abandon it, what other clients or projects will you give up on?
  2. Influencer marketing creates an enlightening experience for your client:
    Influencers have already linked with other people of influence. They have already established a strong presence over the various social media platforms. If you network with them, you will have an opportunity to build a personal relationship with them. Perhaps, they will promote your product or service on their social media page- which is already famous. 

    However, this should not be your ultimate goal. You should simply try to create awareness about your products or services and create a good relationship with the influencers.

    Offer exposure– Further, influencers have created their network and fan following by talking regularly about what they love. As a new business, you can always approach them to do a video or a blog post for your product. You will benefit from such an approach if you want to build your fan following.

    In an ideal situation, they will post a blog about your product or promote it live on Facebook or Instagram channel. This will help you in attracting new and prospective customers for your startup.

    Ask for their valuable suggestions– Influencers love to share their thoughts and ideas –on blogs, events, books, and almost anything. You can always ask them to serve as an advisor for your business. They have studied the market trends properly so you can always hold personal or virtual meetings with them. They can highlight the market trends and guide you about the customers’ needs and preferences.

    Pay them for your product review- The fastest way to attract new customers is to pay an influencer for engaging content. This is going to be beneficial if your product is a “pure” customer product as a customer gets influenced by a blogger or Instagrammer.

    Though you are compensating them for the content, it is essential to give them the necessary editorial freedom to give an honest opinion about the product/service which looks authentic to the audience. After all, “Marketing is all about contesting for people’s attention”.
  3. Influencer marketing encourages creativity from the influencers:
    Audiences trust famous influencers because of their honesty, expertise, and authenticity. The majority of the influencers spend a great amount of time creating new and highly engaging posts to attract their audience.

    You need to understand that influencers know the audience very well. They know what the audience loves. They are well-versed with the authentic, credible, and high-quality content that the people would love to read or listen.

    To get the most amazing results from the influencer marketing strategy or campaign, you should allow your influencer to have a greater degree of creative freedom. They have a unique capability to fit your brand naturally into their most engaging posts.
  4. Influencer marketing will boost your business visibility, customer reach and engagement, and overall growth:
    Find out the right influencers for your startup based on the location, social media platforms, engagement rates, and product category. Obtain their contact information and reach them. 

    Start with a micro influencer-When you are searching for the right influencer, narrow down your search. You should look forward to relevance. There is no point in following the huge size approach. You will be reaching out to the mass audience but they might not be interested in your product. Instead, you should focus on a smaller audience that is interested in your product.
    It is best to work with a micro-influencer for a startup. Your influencer must be targeting a niche but has a loyal fan following. They have developed personal relations with their fan following. Avoid running behind celebrities.

    A micro-influencer has a fan following between 1000 to 1,00,000. But these followers are highly engaged. So, you can target a specific audience based on their age, location, income, category preference, interests, and so on.

    Thus, we can say that influencer marketing is a phenomenal and extraordinary way to create an edge in the market for a startup.

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