Latest Google Updates 2020

Latest Google Updates to look out for in 2020

Google in every sense is dynamic and it keeps on introducing new changes to make our life easier. Even though these Google updates tend to make things difficult for the SEO and SEM experts! They need to refine their research and work according to the new updates every once in a while. It helps them to keep ranking on the top pages of the search engine. In January 2020, Google ruled out a core algorithm update which has impacted the webmasters considerably. Additionally, the rankings have seen a shift in the SERP.  This update has driven the webmasters towards working tremendously on the content quality to stay on the top. 

What is Core Google Update?

 Every year Google rolls out several updates for the users for which it uses a combination of algorithms. Google releases several updates each year. However, many of them go unnoticed and are not specifically reported by Google because there is no significant impact. Additionally, the update of January 2020 was a core update. Such updates take place a few times every year and the users can see major changes. The new update rolled out by Google is an extraordinary one and it has impacted a large number of websites

The Recent Core Update

When it comes to coming on the search list, even a single position matters a lot. Generally, people often scroll through only the first few links on the search engine. There are just a few people who move to the second on the third page. So being on the top has its advantages to the business. Every firm- small or big; wants to remain on the top to be recognized by the masses and ensure a successful business. This requirement of being on the topmost position of the search queries keeps the SERP experts on their toes. The SEO experts often study what Google prefers or which keywords are preferred by Google to give a topmost position.  The SEO experts try to play with those words to achieve the desired position on the search engine. 

The SEO words are easily suffixed on the page to stay on the top. The recent core update is designed in a way to comb the websites more finely. Also, to rank the pages by quality and relevance to match the search query. This update demands that each expert now needs to research the new pages that have occupied the top positions. Afterwards, make the required changes accordingly.

The Google SERP is also loaded with ads instead of the search-related links only. For instance, if we will search for anything on Google. Then instead of 10-12 fresh links, we are welcomed by a few advertisements first. These ads dominate the page followed by the links to the search query. The number of fresh links on the first page has decreased.

This has made it more difficult for the SEO experts to make the page stand out on the first page of the SERP. Like if you search for ‘organic food’ on Google, then instead of a search related webpage say Wikipedia, Google displays the locations of the places where one can find the organic food nearby. One can see the advertisements first and then the link to the websites. Only 7-8 links are there on the first page along with top stories from different websites. So Google has undergone some changes and to adapt to them, the SEO experts need to be proactive and incorporate the changes according to the latest algorithm.  

The algorithms that are rolled out by Google are aimed at making the search experience easy for the people. The most recent update has caused a change in the rankings of the page.

Impact of the Recent Google Core Update

 It has created severe SERP fluctuations that have not gone unnoticed. The webmasters could see fluctuations in the rankings of their pages because the rankings after the update of January 2020 are not based on SEO words only but highly on content quality.

According to the reports by Google, the only way to survive through these updates is to provide excellent content quality which is useful for the readers. Due to this, some un-rewarded pages in the past might end up performing better now. Here Google has cleared that no page has violated the webmaster guidelines, it is just that after several years, the company has planned to refresh the list and the pages are scanned by the system based on the content quality. So there is nothing to worry about the changed ranking of the page. The algorithm only seeks to reward the best content. It is like updating the list of best movies or best novels, the preferences can change over time and some previously unrewarded ones might make it to the top.

The Major Things to Remember

  • The impact of the broad core update has far-reaching impacts and they affect the performance significantly which makes them important.
  • The fluctuations of the rankings can be detected globally for the search queries.
  • The contextual results for the search have improved making Google much more efficient for the public
  • The only fix for the websites who have suffered a low ranking than before is to work on the content quality. The webmasters need to audit their pages and look at the current top pages to understand the quality of content that is required to succeed. 
  • Google also emphasizes on Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness E-A-T concept for developing the top-ranking web pages. 


Google provides search quality rater guidelines which can help the webmasters to review their content. Also, tells them whether the content is up to the mark according to the new algorithm. The pages which have suffered and gone down on the ranking can recover only after another update ruled out if Google provided their content quality has improved. There is no static place for any search result rather it depends entirely on the kind of content that is being offered by the website. 

However, if this is too much extra work for you. Let us help your online business rank higher on Google result pages.

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