• Website :
  • Industry :Health Care
  • Services Offered: INFLUENCE GRP USAPaid Advertising on Google and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • DATE :December 5, 2017

Project Brief:

About the Brand:

Medeye LLC is a full service medical billing company providing services to physicians, practices and hospitals. Medeye LLC offers nationwide medical billing services and lifecycle solutions for medical claim billing.

About the Campaign:

Generate quality leads for Medeye Services through Digital Marketing


Step 01

The Approach

In order to generate quality leads for Medeye Services, we took a three step approach. First, Get the right information on the website to attract users. Second, we focused on getting the right kind of customers to the website. Finally, we focused on filtering and getting the right kind of leads for Medeye Services.


Step 02


In a time period of 6 months of providing services to Medeye, we were able to improve the performance for Medeye campaigns in the following manner compared to its previous period.

Leads: 230% increase

Cost per Lead: 70% decrease

Conversion Rate: 250% increase

Traffic: 60% increase

CTR (Click-through Rate): 180% increase

CPC (Cost Per Click): 50% decrease

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